Thursday, 27 May 2010

Since I am held at gun point, i might as well update this blog with the final video which was shown at the presentation.

The music was taken from the music video 'CH/CH' by the almighty 'The Dead Pirates'
So full rights to them for the music.

I cut and pasted it myself, i did all the animation.

Also here is the 'CH/CH' video.

I highly suggest looking their other stuff, type in google or youtube mcbess, their stuff is awesome.

So cheerio for now.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

So since i'm not out tonight, because i'm a Iron Pirate, i decided to try and animate in maya.

But unlike your mother, it's not so easy.

But I have done the new models, which will be the final models, and they are fully rayman.

Fully rayman, unlike your mother.

And here they are.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Top Image was created by the artist God Tail, you can find his other works on his site,, if you can't link to it, just google God Tail, i suggest looking at his works, they are pretty awesome.

The rest of the images are for my maya project, which i have just over a week to complete, i have done the models, re-done the models, and re-done those models, so far the project has been quite difficult, but hopefully me, James and Toby will pull through.

Just to make a workable skeleton, for the rayman type body, which will be pretty easy i hope. Create a walking / running motion, create a giant key, create some shrubs, create a background, do the textures, become the pope, you know normal stuff that you have to do while doing 3-D models in maya.

Friday, 23 April 2010

So yeah, more stuff to put on, these are the current 'TeleHeads' for the maya project, that me, James and Toby are working and like every project i have done to date, it was my idea.

Soon i will have the 'CameraHead' made as well, hopefully by tonight.

As you can see there are two versions of the 'TeleHead', a human type one and a 'chibi', though i kinda hate the word, it still looks good, and it was James idea to have a small, cute type of object, even though the premise of the idea is quite dark, but since story is pretty much null and void in this project i think we will be sticking with the chibi.

When i left the maya lecture early today, i met up with Rhys, a third year game designer at the bus stop, he was telling me how it's going to get difficult during the third year, but as the conversation continued he stated a brilliant idea, which i believe has been overlooked in many games.

Consquence, well rather the player feeling what he did has mattered rather than the game going, 'OH YOU DID SOMETHING, THAT WILL EFFECT THE ENDING!'
Like we have games now where 'choice' is the ultimate pinacle of gaming technology.


Like in games such as Hitman, you are a guy, killing other guys, because both the game and story are telling you to, but now we have Mass Effect, where you are a guy, you have the 'choice' of killing the other guys, because the game commands you to do and the story has gone further, because you choose one of three choices, meaning you are most likely going to get three endings.

Actually, Mass Effect 2, from what i have heard, is almost a godsend to gamers who enjoy the choice system, simply because EVERY single tiny thing you do, does overall effect the people who live at the end, but the same ending occurs, just with less or more people.

Anyway the original idea, the true consquence is that what effects the player, the player feels like they have done something right, or wrong depending on what it is.

Thats right, total immersion.

To be honest, I can't think of a game where you actually feel what you done is right or wrong, yes, like i said before the choice system, blah, blah, blah, but also it only effects the outcome of the game not the player.

If the player walks away from going 'Holy crap, WHAT HAVE I DONE!', clearly something good has come out of it, or bad...............depending on what has happened.

For example, Manhunt, though having a grusome idea for a game, it doesn't effect the player in any way, just that you killed that guy 'huh huh' go kill that one too.

You don't exactly walk away from that and metaphorically wash the blood from your hands, you think it was fun, but wouldn't do that in real life.

The only games i have played recently, that remotly relate to this is Dear Esther, and Silent Hill 2, you walk away from both knowing that you have learnt something, which is quite rare in games today.

I'll bum Silent Hill 2 for another time, but since it is a heavily story driven game, you come in time to know the characters, what their problems are, why they are there, their strengths, their weaknesses (particually the playable character) the player feels so much immersed than current 'choice' games.

Yes 'choice' games do give more freedom to the player, to almost roleplay or L.A.R.P, but none really give a true sense of consquence.

So yeah, i'm currently on the 'GAMES R ART!!!11!' side at the moment.

Saturday, 17 April 2010


Yo, yo , yo.

This is my first post on my blog *party hats, those weird things that go PHOOOOAH!*, so if your just tuning in, i will show you something i did today, hopefully more stuff to come!
Also give me feedback on which is better, the yellow lightning bolt or black one.